Pixel Fun Games Production is a german independent game studio made up of Lisa Bredemann and Benjamin Bredemann
with the intencion to bring back the fun of the good old 90´s games.


Pixel Fun Games Production was founded by Lisa Bredemann and Benjamin Bredemann in 2017.
They started much earlier at the times of Flash MX and Actionscript where Benjamin Bredemann teaches himself to
developing games.
Because of starting a family they lost the time to hold tight their passion.
In 2017 they got enough spare time to start again with their "first" game SQUAREHEAD.
SQUAREHEAD was released on steam in may of 2018, with no resources, no money and no idea how to market it.



In a time when life was easy and everyone lived happily, suddenly everything changed when the virus
broke out and overran the country. A mysterious doctor promised healing through his unique vaccination and called all
people to be vaccinated to put an end to the pandemic, the people made their way to the hospitals
to get the saving vaccination. But this was not his true intention, the evil doctor tried to turn the people into his will-less slaves.
And now it is your job to stop the doctor and save the world.



Day of vaccination is a rogue lite action game in which you make
your way through the city to stop the evil doctor.

In the battle for your city you can unlock 16 different characters and
choose between many different weapons.

You have to explore the area and search through houses and
shops to find various items, fight  enemies and defeat bosses.




·Developer: Pixel Fun Games Production

·Release date: November, 2020

·Platforms: PC / STEAM 

·Price: USD 10,99 / € 9,99 / GBP 9,99

·Languages: English

·Availability: Digital download

·ESRB:  Unknown

·Press contact:  pixelfungamescom(@)

·Social media: